Mourning Doves – February is Bird Feeding Month

Mourning DoveMourning doves are ungainly on the ground as they walk about on their short legs, often with their heads bobbing. But, oh are they graceful in the air – speedy too. Mourning Dove_feeding birdsMourning doves are seed eaters; although they have difficulty actually using most bird feeders, they can often be seen on the ground beneath a feeder eating spilled seed. Unlike most birds, mourning doves in warm climates may breed during any month of the year, building a flimsy nest of twigs. Dependent on somewhat open habitat, mourning doves may be found almost anywhere in the country except in dense unbroken forest. They were named for the soulful sound of their cooing and may be heard in the background of many Hollywood movies and TV shows, especially old westerns.