The Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy (NPC) is a land trust devoted to conserving and enhancing the lands and waters of Northcentral Pennsylvania to support the environmental well-being and recreational needs of local communities.


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Underfoot: Sharp-lobed Liverleaf

By: Susan Sprout Sharp-lobed Liverleaf (Hepatica americana var. acuta), a member of the Buttercup Family, is a native plant of eastern North America, found from Nova Scotia to north Florida. What a treat to find its flower pushing up from small rhizomes on such a hairy stem! Although the colors of its sepals vary from white to blue to pink, they will all have three … Continue reading Underfoot: Sharp-lobed Liverleaf »

Welcome, Sara Street!

Over the past few months, former NPC Land Steward, Tamara Wagner, has been training Sara Street to take over her role at NPC.  Tamara is embarking on a career change, but helped to get Sara up-and-running before her departure.  Together, they’ve visited several conservation easement sites and prepared for the year ahead!  We wish Tamara the best of luck, and welcome, Sara! Get to know … Continue reading Welcome, Sara Street! »

Underfoot: Life on a Rock

By: Susan Sprout  A huge bolder standing in a rather flat area of woods caught my eye on our Earth Day rambles. I knew it was a glacial erratic because there were no other big rocks nearby. Ripped out of its bed and plucked up by a moving ice sheet, it was unceremoniously dumped there as the glacier melted. Thousands of years later, it has … Continue reading Underfoot: Life on a Rock »

It’s About Time

By: Susan Sprout How do you personally mark the passage of time? By the day, week, or month? By the seasons? By special family projects, events, or birthdays? From one Earth Day to another? No matter how you measured, Spring 2020 to Spring 2021 was an unusual year. For me, the time this year swelled and compressed from periods of inactivity to hyperactivity as it … Continue reading It’s About Time »

The Worlds End Challenge

Last year NPC had planned to lead a group hike on the Butternut Trail at Worlds End State Park to celebrate the 30th anniversary.  Portions of the Butternut Trail traverse NPC’s ‘Flynn’ partnered acquisition.  NPC purchased the ‘Flynn’ property, over 600 acres of prime forest land, in 1993 to form the northern and eastern boundaries of Worlds End State Park.  While planning the hike, we realized … Continue reading The Worlds End Challenge »