The Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy (NPC) is a land trust devoted to conserving and enhancing the lands and waters of Northcentral Pennsylvania to support the environmental well-being and recreational needs of local communities.

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Plantsgiving Time 2023!

By Susan Sprout “Sweet, sweet, a little more sweet” is a mnemonic for identifying the rhythm of the Yellow Warblers’ calls when they cannot be seen among the foliage. It occurred to me that that could be my own personal call as well, along with many other folks, too! Pies, cakes, cookies, candy and much, much more are awaiting us at Thanksgiving and onward towards … Continue reading Plantsgiving Time 2023! »

Underfoot: Osage Orange (Maclura pomifera)

By Susan Sprout As an historical reenactor using the living history personae of a Pre-Columbian medicine woman or a colonial dame or a Civil War Era soldier, I have had the distinct honor of introducing the people visiting my presentations to the plants and trees that I love so much. One special tree that I was introduced to in Virginia twenty-four years ago near a … Continue reading Underfoot: Osage Orange (Maclura pomifera) »

Nan “Dragon Fly” Reisinger on the Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is a public footpath that follows more than 2,100 miles of Appalachian Mountain ridgelines between Maine and Georgia. Traversing the entire AT has been long been a coveted journey of thru hiking enthusiasts everywhere. It’s a rigorous and rewarding trek that each year thousands of hikers attempt; only about one in four makes it all the way. For Nan “Dragon Fly” Reisinger, … Continue reading Nan “Dragon Fly” Reisinger on the Appalachian Trail »

Underfoot: COMMON SNAPPING TURTLE (Chelydra serpentium)

By Susan Sprout A surprising find, in the truck room of our local volunteer fire company – a baby snapping turtle! Coming back from a midnight fire call, my Safety Officer husband and the Assistant Chief saw a small dark shadow moving from the back wall of the station house toward the front doors. A lucky rescue for this silver-dollar-size hatchling that undoubtedly had been … Continue reading Underfoot: COMMON SNAPPING TURTLE (Chelydra serpentium) »

Underfoot: INDIAN TOBACCO (Lobelia inflata)

By Susan Sprout I have been looking for this plant. It can bloom from July to October, depending on where it grows. And depending on where I look since it is a native in North America all the way from Labrador to Georgia and Louisiana. According to a Pennsylvania native plant site on-line, it has been found growing in every county in our state. I … Continue reading Underfoot: INDIAN TOBACCO (Lobelia inflata) »