The Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy (NPC) is a land trust devoted to conserving and enhancing the lands and waters of Northcentral Pennsylvania to support the environmental well-being and recreational needs of local communities.


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The Worlds End Challenge

Last year NPC had planned to lead a group hike on the Butternut Trail at Worlds End State Park to celebrate the 30th anniversary.  Portions of the Butternut Trail traverse NPC’s ‘Flynn’ partnered acquisition.  NPC purchased the ‘Flynn’ property, over 600 acres of prime forest land, in 1993 to form the northern and eastern boundaries of Worlds End State Park.  While planning the hike, we realized … Continue reading The Worlds End Challenge »

It’s official! NPC adds 112 Acres to the Loyalsock State Forest

It’s official!  The Bureau of Forestry has taken over ownership of the ‘Bar Bottom’ property.  This 112-acre addition to the Loyalsock State Forest has not only expanded public access to Bar Bottom Hollow and the surrounding public land, but also helped conserve the overall natural beauty of the Loyalsock Valley! When the bidding started at the auction for the ‘Bar Bottom’ property last summer, THIS … Continue reading It’s official! NPC adds 112 Acres to the Loyalsock State Forest »

Controlled Burn at Cavanaugh Access

The area of the Cavanaugh Access that now has a nature trail on it was once a marshy wetland that was changed to allow farming (celery and maybe lettuce), and further changed when a railroad was constructed down through the middle of it. Some of the vegetation that is there now is native, but some of it isn’t native. It isn’t native to Pennsylvania or … Continue reading Controlled Burn at Cavanaugh Access »

The Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy Unveils New Logo

Season of Change Spring.  A season of change, growth, and opportunity.  It brings with it the hope that from a small seedling can grow the tallest hemlock in the forest.  As its roots strengthen and its limbs stretch wide, its role in the forest evolves too.  Now it can provide shade, stability, nourishment, habitat, and help others grow as well. Much like the seedling, the … Continue reading The Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy Unveils New Logo »

Underfoot: Broom-sedge & Common Motherswort

By: Susan Sprout Broom-sedgeBroom-sedge is a clump-forming bluestem grass – it’s not a sedge at all! Native to southeastern United States, it can survive northward to the Great Lakes. Growing two to three feet tall in a narrow, upright vase-shape, its withered vegetation which has withstood the winter is more obvious and frequently more striking than in summer. Member of the Grass Family, POACEAE, the … Continue reading Underfoot: Broom-sedge & Common Motherswort »