The Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy (NPC) is a land trust devoted to conserving and enhancing the lands and waters of Northcentral Pennsylvania to support the environmental well-being and recreational needs of local communities.

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Jersey Shore Elementary Students Make Donation to the NPC

Students in the Life Skills Classes at Jersey Shore Elementary recently raised $400 to donate to the Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy.  The students sold coffee, tea, and other drinks plus homemade snacks they prepared to the staff of the elementary school to raise the funds.  Cindy Ferguson, MS CCC-SP, of Jersey Shore Area School District, stated, “The classes under the guidance of their teachers, Ms. Liddic … Continue reading Jersey Shore Elementary Students Make Donation to the NPC »

Underfoot: Squawroot

By: Susan Sprout Squawroot is a strange and wonderful plant that I knew only from photos in plant books. In late fall of 2020, my plant buddy Debbie and I came upon what looked like its sad remains. Wild and crazy, I jumped up and down, wahooing! Then, the waiting began. Finally, after three visits this spring, I found it had finally shouldered its way … Continue reading Underfoot: Squawroot »

Rivers Month: Celebrate & Conserve PA’s Waters

With the official start of summer just around the corner, heat waves already upon us, and the end of the school year, many Pennsylvanians turn to their local waterways to cool off and have fun throughout the season.  That’s why the month of June is also such a fitting time to celebrate Rivers Month in the commonwealth.  Rivers Month is an opportunity to celebrate our … Continue reading Rivers Month: Celebrate & Conserve PA’s Waters »

Underfoot: Wild Sarsaparilla

By: Susan Sprout Once I found and identified Wild Sarsaparilla, Aralia nudicaulis, it seemed to be everywhere, dancing back through the understory as far as I could see! So common, in fact, that in some environments, it may serve as an indicator species for its native Northern Hardwood Forests of Oak and Hickory, Beech and Maple. In early spring, this plant shoots straight up from … Continue reading Underfoot: Wild Sarsaparilla »

Underfoot: Red Trillium

By: Susan Sprout This herbaceous native has had a whole lot of names, common and scientific! So far, it has been identified as a member of three different families. As luck would have it, DNA evidence landed it back in one of them – LILIACEAE – the Lily Family! Trilliums just don’t have the expected lily-like parallel veins on their leaves, but rather netted ones, … Continue reading Underfoot: Red Trillium »