NPC Members Walk in Penn’s Woods

Since 2017, the Walk in Penn’s Woods partnership has been working to offer Pennsylvanians a statewide day of walks in the woods on the first Sunday in October. These walks provide an excellent opportunity to get out, have fun, and learn about Pennsylvania’s forests, to see forests in new ways, and to understand and appreciate the many values we hold for the woods.

Autumn in the Tioga State Forest.
Photo Credit: Bob Ross

Since many of the organizations that hosted a formal, group activity in the past were unable to do so this year (NPC included), the partners declared the entire month of October a Walk in Penn’s Woods – encouraging everyone to create their own woodland adventures! 

To help celebrate this initiative and inspire others to join in the fun, several NPC members shared some of their favorite places in Penn’s Woods!

Thank you to these members for sharing their appreciation for Penn’s Woods!