Melting Snow on the Mind

It sure has been a thrilling season for cross country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and whatever else your outdoor winter activity of choice might be!  And Northcentral PA was the place to be for outdoor recreation enthusiasts – not just for the snowfall – but for the access to trails and land available for the public to enjoy.

The Pine Creek Rail Trail, in particular, saw a lot of action this month.  NPC members helped conserve several of the access points – like Cavanaugh and Tomb Flats – to this beloved trail.  Now doesn’t that good feeling just warm you right up?!

But, as much as we enjoyed all the winter views, we did pass by a couple other NPC projects and properties in February that had us longing for springtime…

The cold weather didn’t stop someone from enjoying a stroll along Sechler Run! We’re sure looking forward to comparing this snowy scene to blooming wildflowers at this streambank stabilization project site!
Daydreaming about splashing around in this local watering hole and paddling Pine Creek. We can’t wait until the snow melts so that you can take advantage of the new parking area and access improvements that were installed at the canoe launch in Avis last fall!

With the warmer temperatures today and subsequent melting snow, we’re not just daydreaming about spring blooms and paddles, but also taking a moment to appreciate the importance of snow and forests to Pennsylvania’s stream and groundwater.

The melting snow also means we’ll be able to resume more in-stream project work with the Northcentral Stream Partnership, in the coming weeks!

What does melting snow mean to you?!