Army Reserve Engineering Unit Partnering with NPC and PGC on Floodplain Reconnection

An Army Reserve Engineering Unit will be conducting their summer training on State Game Lands 134, Proctor in August 2021. The soldiers and their equipment will begin arriving on August 1 and be working through about August 20.

The Unit is partnering with the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy to remove an earthen berm along Plunketts Creek at the site of the former propagation farm. The berm was built sometime between the 1930s and 1960s to protect the birds being reared at the site from flood waters. Since the propagation program is no longer underway at the site, the berm is being removed to restore Plunketts Creek’s connection to its floodplain.

Several members of the Unit visited the site in April for a discussion on logistics and to review the site plan.

Some of the material from the berm is going to be used in a road improvement project taking place along Huckle Run. Members of the Army Reserve Unit will be moving the material in military equipment using Hoppestown Road to travel from the area along Plunketts Creek to the road project on Huckle Run. Residents in this area and people who travel Hoppestown Road should expect increased traffic and much of the traffic to be military vehicles.

By removing the berm from along Plunketts Creek and allowing the Creek to use its floodplain during high water, the impacts from flood events should be reduced downstream, along Plunketts Creek, and even Loyalsock Creek.

As part of the April tour, the group also visited the road project on Huckle Run Road.