Water Water Everywhere

If you’ve been in central Pennsylvania, or even parts of eastern Pennsylvania this week, you’ve probably gotten wet. According to Penn State Climatologist Williamsport received 7.52 inches of rain and Selinsgrove received 8.91 inches of rain between July 21 and July 25.

If you look at any of the USGS stream gauges in this region, you’ll see the increase in stream volumes (in some cases the rapid increase in stream volumes) and stream height.

Thankfully we didn’t have any stream restoration projects scheduled for this week. The project certainly wouldn’t have happened, and our schedule would have needed re-worked.

The Watershed Specialists have been out in the rain, checking on projects and talking to landowners. The photos below are from Turtle Creek. Shanon Stamm, Union County Conservation District’s Watershed Specialist, went out to see if any of the landowners were having problems, and reminding them that if the landowner sees any damage to the stream project, they should give her a call.

If you pay attention to the overhead transmission line tower, the trees, and the wooden posts used in the fencing project, you’ll get an idea of how much water is in Turtle Creek, and how much Turtle Creek is out of its normal channel.