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NPC and W&L Subaru Team up to Tackle a Series of Conservation Projects

NPC and W&L Subaru work together to clean up the streambanks of Turtle Creek

In the midst of planning NPC’s recent benefit, “A Night for Nature,” we had the opportunity to collaborate with the dynamic team from W&L Subaru in Northumberland, PA. Their commitment to supporting NPC’s conservation efforts aligned perfectly with their Subaru Loves the Earth program, making them enthusiastic top-tier sponsors right from the start!

However, our partnership didn’t stop there; W&L Subaru’s dedication to the environment and their communities inspired us to explore more ways that we could work together to make a difference.

On April 16, 2024, W&L Subaru joined NPC and some of our ‘Stream Team’ partners to help clean up the streambanks of Turtle Creek. It was a warm, spring day and their crew showed up ready to WORK, helping to clear debris and remove invasive plants from the riparian buffer along the stream bank.

Riparian buffers play a vital role, acting as natural sponges that filter stormwater runoff and absorb precipitation. By anchoring the soil in place, the roots of these plants minimize erosion into the stream, contributing to cleaner, healthier water for our communities.

W&L Subaru’s proactive spring maintenance not only supports the growth of new plantings but also ensures they thrive and fulfill their ecological functions. Their involvement underscores a shared commitment to environmental stewardship, promoting the well-being of both nature and local communities.

Partnerships like these exemplify the power of collective action in driving positive change. This project is just the first of a series of conservation and enhancement projects that NPC and W&L Subaru will be tackling together throughout the year! Thank you, W&L Subaru, for your dedication and support!

P.S. Did we mention they put NPC on a car! How cool is that?! 🙂