Stream Partners Take Advantage of Snow Melt

The snow fell at varying depths throughout the region and is now melting at varying rates. The stream partners took advantage of the snow being gone (for the most part) in southern Northumberland County.

The photo above is a great example of something we often see at stream bank stabilization sites. You’ll see there’s a blob of grass in the stream channel. That was once the streambank.

The water eroded away the stream edge at the bottom of the streambank. The stream flows there year round – washing away soil. As the soil washes away from the bottom of the streambank an overhang starts to develop. Eventually the overhang falls into the stream channel when enough of the bottom of the steambank washes away from the bottom that the overhang  is unsupported.

The site has some high banks and also some areas where material (soil and stones) are depositing.  

The PA Fish and Boat Commission staff are working to develop a design for the site. The Conservation District is working to gather the information needed for permits. If all goes as planned, this site will be “the” stream partnership work site for a week in June.