Recycle your Eclipse Glasses with the Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy

Did you know that your solar eclipse glasses can be sent to Latin America for children to enjoy the August 2024 eclipse?!

If you no longer wish to keep your eclipse glasses, please consider recycling your gently used solar glasses to the Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy office. We’ll package them up and send as a bulk mailing for reuse!

The NPC office is the white farmhouse right next to Herman & Luthers. The address is 785 PA-87, Montoursville, PA.

If we happen to be in the field when you drop by, there is a box on the front porch to deposit your glasses….or reach out to the NPC staff to schedule a visit!

The response from both our local and national communities has been absolutely overwhelming – and in the best possible way!

To ensure that every donated pair of glasses is thoroughly inspected and redistributed to serve the needs of others during the upcoming eclipses – this year and beyond – we’re partnering with multiple organizations. Among them are Eclipse Glasses USA, LLC and Astronomers without Borders.

Thank you for helping to share the eclipse experience with others!!

2 thoughts on “Recycle your Eclipse Glasses with the Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy”

  1. JD Stillwater

    Hi! Thanks for helping recycle eclipse glasses! I’m a Harrisburg-based science ambassador, and gave many talks about eclipses prior to April 8, and sold glasses at my events. I have about 60 pairs–new and never used–left over. I’m happy to send them to you, but I could also send them directly to wherever YOU will send them. They are Medical King brand, which is made in China but ON the American Astronomical Society’s list of ISO-certified genuine safe eclipse glasses. Let me know what’s best overall for getting them where they need to go.


    1. Renee Carey Post Author

      Hi JD!! Thanks for reaching out. The way I understand it (and I certainly could be wrong) Astronomers Without Borders is asking people to send glasses to their registered partners, like us, so we can do the “safety inspection” and get them packed up the way AWB wants them. That way when they arrive at AWB they can go right into storage or a box to be shipped out. We’re not mailing them in for a while. I’ll be in Harrisburg on June 11 for a meeting at the PA Fish and Boat Commission office. We could meet there (or the McDonald’s on Front Street) if that works for you. You could also mail them to us if you’re ready to get them out the door. Thanks again!!!

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