NPC’s ‘Anderson Hill’ property adds 102 Acres to SGL 134

Conservation happens at varying speeds. Some projects take years, if not decades to navigate and complete and other projects happen in weeks. Members of the Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy (NPC) invest in both slow and fast conservation. Providing the support to build trust over time and work through questions and contemplations as well as supplying the resources to act when an opportunity presents itself.

Back in March 2023 there was a need for fast conservation. NPC was contacted about two parcels adjacent to State Game Lands 134 being sold by auction about 3 weeks later. The parcels layed side by side. One sharing its western boundary with existing State Game Lands and they both shared their northern boundary with existing State Game Lands.

NPC staff and board members and PGC staff tour the Anderson Hill property in March, deciding to bid on it at auction.

A seasonal stream on the property flowed into a tributary of Plunketts Creek, just upstream from where NPC facilitated work in 2020 and 2021 with an Army Reserve Unit to remove the earthen berm. Conserving this forested land would help to improve the water quality of Plunketts Creek, building on work NPC completed in the past. Adding this property to SGL 134 also expands the wildlife corridor, enables better forest management practices, and creates improved access to these public lands.

NPC was the high bidder on the parcels at the April auction, that would come to be known as the ‘Anderson Hill’ property. To help facilitate public use of Anderson Hill during NPC’s ownership, it was enrolled in the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Hunter Access Program.

Fast forward 10 months later, NPC is thrilled to announce that the Pennsylvania Game Commission took over ownership of Anderson Hill, officially incorporating it into SGL 134. All made possible, thanks to the  support of NPC’s members!

The Anderson Hill property was officially incorporated into SGL 134 at the close of 2023.

2 thoughts on “NPC’s ‘Anderson Hill’ property adds 102 Acres to SGL 134”

  1. Margie Shaw

    Is this property accessible for a waking trail in non hunting times?
    Where is the access point?

    1. Renee Carey

      Thanks for your question!

      The property is off Cabbage Hollow Road, but is publicly accessed through the existing State Game Lands 134. One of the purposes in us purchasing the properties is to improve access to the State Game Lands. The Game Commission is working on the layout for a new road that would create better access. Right now, you’d park in the parking area off Cabbage Hollow Road for the handicap trail, and then walk through to the property NPC just conveyed to the Game Commission.

      Anderson Hill Road is a private driveway and not the public access to the State Game Lands.

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