Rishel Grove

County Township Year Acreage Type Conservation Values
County: Columbia Township: Montour Year: 2018 Acreage: 131.3 Type: Easement Conservation Values:
  • Adjacent to Other Conserved Land
  • Comprehensive or Open Space/Greenway Plan
  • In the Public's View
  • Special Scenic Quality
  • Water Resource Protection

Vera Grove Rishel passed away in 2009. Her wish to preserve her land in the way “the Indians would have inhabited the lands,” came true last week when her Estate signed a conservation easement with the Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy.

Her friend and Executor, Andrew Pruden, worked to find a way to meet Vera’s wish of keeping her husband’s family property in Montour Township, Columbia County as fields and woods. The property is now conserved.

The Rishel Grove conservation easement fronts the Susquehanna River.