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Survey Work at Plunketts Creek

Some survey work was done last week at State Game Lands 134 (along Plunketts Creek in Lycoming County) to get information on the elevation at the site with the berm removed. As you may recall NPC partnered with the PA Game Commission, the 333rd US Army Reserve Engineering Unit, and numerous other groups to reconnect Plunketts Creek to its floodplain by removing an earthern berm along the Creek.

Mark and Trent with BluAcres found the control point from the survey work during the design phase and set up the equipment.

The yellow spot on the ground is a piece of rebar with a cap on it. This was set as a control point the first time they went out and will be used at every subsequent visit.

Trent found the previous survey points and collected data at those points.

Trent has a map of the previous points in his left hand and the survey unit in his right hand. Surveying is a lot different than it used to be.

Trent even humored me and held up the staff so the tip was “sitting” on what would have been the top of the berm.

The bottom of the staff is “sitting” on top of the berm. So basically, Trent would be up to his neck in dirt if the berm were still there. (Trent was so accomodating in part because he is a graduation of Lycoming College and worked summers for the Clean Water Institute at the College. Dr. Zimmerman generall has the CWI-ers spend at least a day on a project of the northcentral stream partnership.)

They’ll download the data. There will be some computer magic and then there will be a pretty new map. This work is to help the agencies who issued permits that the work resulted in the correct grade – the stream is reconnected to its floodplain.

Plunketts Creek Berm Removal One Step Closer

Approximately 35 members of the Army Reserve’s 333rd Engineering Company based in Reading, PA arrived in Proctor on Sunday, August 1, 2021. The unit trains to build roads, airstrips, and bases, but will spend their summer training removing an earthen berm along Plunketts Creek.

The project began nearly 3 years ago when the Pennsylvania Game Commission was evaluating management needs on State Game Lands 134. PGC personnel recognized that the berm was no longer needed since propagation activities had ended. They saw the opportunity to reconnect the Creek to its floodplain and recreate the habitat that once would have been all along the stream.

Around the same time the Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy had received funds for a project to help improve or maintain water quality in Lycoming County. The site along Plunketts Creek seemed idea. The stream is already designated a High Quality-Cold Water Fishery with a naturally reproducing trout population (the best of the best), but there was concern the water quality could be changing due to the stream becoming wider and more sediment entering the system from sliding hillsides and streambanks.

As the Pennsylvania Game Commission and Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy were looking at options for the site at State Game Lands 134, they learned about the military’s Innovative Readiness Training program. The program allows communities to submit potential projects that could be used as a training exercise.

Over the next couple of weeks the 333rd will be working with Pennsylvania Game Commission employees from the Food and Cover program to remove the berm and improve Camp Mountain Road. The Unit is getting experience in a real world situation, the Pennsylvania Game Commission is getting help to improve the State Game Lands along Plunketts Creek and improve access to State Game Lands above the Creek, the residents nearby and downstream should receive less damage during high water events, and Plunketts Creek will be able to better access its floodplain.

August 1, 2, and 3 were spent getting equipment on site, jockeying equipment on the site, installing the silt sock for erosion and sedimentation control and building a wash rack to be able to rinse mud and dirt off the trucks and equipment before it leaves the site. August 4 the work will begin to remove the earthen berm, and it’s scheduled to wrap up on August 20.

Members of the 333rd discuss with the Pennsylvania Game Commission Food and Cover crew logistics of moving equipment from the berm removal site along Plunketts Creek to the road project site on the mounatinside